My Experience With Locating Churches in Phoenix

I have lived in the Phoenix area all of my life for the most part and one would think that after so many years of being a resident in such a place that I would be aware of most locations. However, due to the fact that I grew up in an atheist family I never thought twice to keep a reference in my mind of the churches that surrounded or were near the area in which I lived. As I grew older and began to make my own memories, meet new people, and explore the world I realized how much I was missing out on. Eventually I also came to find religion and now have a deep spiritual connection that guides me through my day to day activities.

Now that I have found this spiritual side of me I have become more comfortable with the idea of finding a religious church to call home and meet others who are like-minded in the faith. But where could I find churches in Phoenix that would match my spiritual wants and needs? I am not all that computer savvy although I do know how to get online and navigate through a computer. I prefer to go in person to find out my information though. A friend of mine suggested that I start by doing a computer search due to the fact that it is the quickest way to find out the information that I am looking for. I searched for Phoenix churches and a ton of results popped up. I wasn’t expecting there to be that many churches nearby. I had never realized this! I also did a search on Scottsdale churches as that is an area that is also close to me in distance. I ended up finding a large number of churches just in these two neighboring areas. How was I supposed to narrow this list down to one?

I felt a little overwhelmed to be honest and I found myself wondering how to proceed. I decided to try to be more specific so I entered in keywords such as Christian churches in Phoenix, non denominational churches Phoenix, and spirit filled churches Phoenix. This helped me to narrow down my list and find the churches that I may possibly have a connection to. I then called up several on the list and asked if I could tour the facilities just to get a feel of the church, the congregation/staff, and their values as a religious institution.

After touring several churches I was able to narrow it down to one that I felt most comfortable with. I was very excited to begin to attend services, connect with people, and just grow in my faith. I would recommend everyone who is looking for a place of worship to go out and investigate this topic on your own. This allows you to match a church that coincides with your belief system. I am so glad that I decided to do this search and would do it again.